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The DocAuthority Difference

At DocAuthority, we use proven and performance optimized algorithms to create categories of information automatically. This approach will save your business time, effort and money when managing your unstructured data. Whether it is managing retention periods, controlling access to personal data, the classification of sensitive data or another information governance task, DocAuthority will ensure you achieve your objective economically and effectively.

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DocAuthority recognize the challenges for customers who face:

  • Regulatory compliance in multiple territories with varying privacy requirements
  • Huge volumes of unstructured data which is growing at pace
  • Increasing information security and risk workloads
  • Data governance workloads arising from business change and cloud initiatives
  • Difficulty in establishing ownership and accountability for business data

Which are:

  • Rapidly increasing costs and affordability challenges
  • Highly labour intensive workloads
  • Unacceptably high levels of risk

This is why everything we do at DocAuthority actively contributes to:

  • Minimizing risk for customers quickly
  • Minimizing costs through reducing both the volumes of data held and labour costs
  • Addressing the widest possible scope of data governance workloads so one tool can fulfil the majority of foreseeable business needs

DocAuthority is language agnostic and distinguishes itself from other vendor solutions by being extremely quick and easy to deploy and implement. The majority of customers realize tangible cash releasing benefits within four weeks of implementation.


A DocAuthority implementation will result in reduced costs by;

  • Reducing the amount of storage you use as well as reducing the rate at which your data storage requirements are increasing
  • Ensuring you can do more with the same or the same with less. You will be able to secure your data with less people. Business insight and business agility will increase. You will have the opportunity to reduce your audit costs.
  • Reducing the cost and resource overhead of regulatory compliance

DocAuthority customers reduce risk because:

  • The likelihood and impact of regulatory enforcement will be reduced
  • Insider threats will be mitigated
  • Sensitive data at risk will be identified and protected

DocAuthority customers increase business agility through:

  • Greatly improved visibility of the data they hold and the purposes for which it is used
  • Decreasing the cost and overhead of business change
  • Improving their ability to locate data and reducing re-work

Making the case

We have taken the time to help you make a business case for your data governance platform so that you don't have to.

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