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Our service offering extends beyond Data Governance into aspects such as Cloud Migration and Divestment. If there is an unstructured data issue in your organisation, the chances are that we will have the solution.

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Cloud migration

Migrating to Office365 or AWS? Do you want to ensure you don't transfer redundant data or personal data you no longer have a lawful basis to store?

Use DocAuthority to automatically index and catalogue your data before you migrate. You can almost certainly delete at least 30% of your data and this might be decisive in assuring your investment case.

If you're migrating from legacy file storage repositories to a cloud based document management system, DocAuthority can help there too by pre-indexing and pre-staging all data so your migration is quicker and slicker.

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Matter management

Do you have thousands of clients and tens of thousands of matters? Have you got matter related files and documents spread throughout your business?

DocAuthority can help make sense of it all. Providing tools which will allow legal support staff to associate clients and matters with folders and files, this is prepares the way for a migration to a structured legal document management system such as iManage.

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M&A / Divestment

Are you soon to merge with another business entity? Have you recently completed a merger but have yet to embark upon post merger integration of business units and processes?

DocAuthority will automatically catalogue data aligning it closely with the business processes and business units that create it. Quickly identify where information needs to go and who needs access to it. After any merger has completed, DocAuthority can help find overlapping business processes and synergies between business units.

Equally, if you're involved in a divestment activity, ensuring that all the required information is removed and sent with the divested parts of the business is a legal must. DocAuthority can help prepare for a divestment activity by automatically indexing and cataloguing unstructured data and ensuring a clear definition exists for the dispersal of business documents.

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