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Data Governance Use Cases

From managing obsolescence in your datasets to ensuring your compliance with stringent regulatory policies; when it comes to Data Governance, we are at the forefront of the industry.

The DocAuthority Team work within defined, strategic frameworks to provide efficient, effective results across the range of use cases.


DocAuthority enables the management of very large volumes of historical data allowing it to be managed in line with the requirements set out by GDPR for less cost and less overhead than has previously been possible.

No software solution can make any business GDPR compliant but we've worked hard to make sure that DocAuthority can enable your business to align with the principles of GDPR.

  • Lawfulness, fairness and transparency
  • Purpose limitation
  • Data minimization
  • Accuracy
  • Storage limitation
  • Integrity and confidentiality (security)
  • Accountability


Obsolete files and documents have associated costs and risk but no business value.

DocAuthority have found that typically, businesses can easily identify 30% of their unstructured data as obsolete. Deleting this data can achieve very significant savings as well as reducing risk.

DocAuthority will provide actionable insights within 4 weeks of implementation resulting in the swift realization of cost savings.

Risk will be reduced since within obsolete data there would be expected to be sensitive and personal data which is either no longer accurate or beyond regulated retention periods.

If you want to explore the cost savings of running an obsolescence activity using DocAuthority why not use our storage savings calculator

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Information access governance

If your business is conducting an information access governance activity or is concerned about securing sensitive information, DocAuthority can save you money by maximizing the value of any work done and reducing the cost of risk retained by the business.

Protecting sensitive data is a requirement for business in order to operate lawfully, retain the trust of their customers and partners as well as securing commercially valuable data from unauthorized parties and competitors.

To achieve this, business is facing rising costs, complexity and risks. DocAuthority can significantly reduce these challenges by automatically:

  • Identifying folders which have high volumes of sensitive data (and their owners)
  • Identifying business processes which are publishing sensitive information as well as identifying the outputs from those business processes wherever it is
  • Identifying accounts which appear to have excessive privileges

Going beyond this, we provide practical guidance and tooling to mitigate identified risks and issues

If you're interested in forecasting how much you can reduce your business's exposure to breach risk using DocAuthority, why not have a look here.

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Retention management

Using DocAuthority to support your records and data retention activities can save you money and reduce risk for your business. It will do this by;

  • Reducing the volume of personal and sensitive data that you hold
  • Enabling efficient and effective 'evergreen' mechanisms which provide assurance
  • Reducing storage costs, audit costs and the resource costs necessary to demonstrate compliance

DocAuthority offers dramatic benefits to businesses wishing to carry out document retention. First, DocAuthority automatically finds and collates records-type documents. It does the hard work so you don't have so. Secondly, using DocAuthority, it is easy to find the business processes and their owners who are responsible for generating and publishing the data. This means it's a straight-forward activity to engage the right business stakeholders so that they can take the required action.

Finding out how retention management using DocAuthority is different

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Document classification

Classifying business data is a foundation element of information risk management and information security as well as also contributing significantly to regulatory compliance.

DocAuthority can reduce the costs of classifying business data while at the same time addressing several shortcomings of traditional document classification solutions.

DocAuthority does this by:

  • Allowing you classify large numbers of documents as a single entity
  • Supporting persistent classification for a document type.
  • Allowing you to quickly standardize on a different, new or existing classification standard
  • Supporting more than one classification standard side-by-side
  • Allow you to re-classify documents quickly and easily

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