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DocAuthority take the view that traditional approaches to compliance simply don't work or are prohibitively expensive when it comes to unstructured data. We think that managing large repositories of unstructured data for the purposes of retention, confidentiality and PCI-DSS compliance is at best undertaken on a best endeavours basis. Often it is neglected altogether. We run 'no fee' evaluations of our software which can quickly surface data beyond retention, quickly identify payment card industry (PCI) data and we can help with ensuring you have the guidance to know how best to deal with those documents when you find them. Get in touch to find out what an effective compliance strategy for your unstructured data looks like.

Have you recently published a retention policy or overhauled an existing one? With the implementation of the Data Protection Act (2018) in the UK and GDPR in the EU lots of organisations have. That retention policy probably includes the principal document types in your organisation, how long they should be kept and the action to be taken at the end of their retention policy. How do you know those retention periods are being managed? How do you know whether or not you have huge volumes of documents beyond their retention periods? What if all of those documents in your retention policy lined themselves up in nice orderly groups where you could see the documents ordered by those inside their retention and those outside? We’re helping businesses like yours do that now. We can also help with a number of other compliance related activities such as ensuring better visibility and management of who in your business has access to sensitive data and identifying Payment Card Industry (PCI) data.

“Whoever has information fastest and uses it, wins”

Don Keough, the former president of Coca-Cola

A unique capability to categorise files based on type.

Do you have a standard claim form? A standard letter of engagement for new clients? DocAuthority will find these documents wherever they are on your network and collate them into one logical grouping.

Grouping allows data to be managed and exploited far more effectively. This capability is unique to DocAuthority, there is no practical approach to performing this task manually.

Are you a legal services solution provider?

We’re confident that changing attitudes to the value of an organisation's information as well as increased challenges around safeguarding personal data make DocAuthority a compelling proposition for a range of scenarios.

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