Reduce the overheads to identify and protect sensitive data


With DocAuthority substantial volumes of sensitive data and special category data for both insurance firms and Indemnity Providers can be carefully managed against detailed retention policies. DocAuthority will easily reduce the overhead of managing retention as well as providing a range of other capabilities and benefits.

We’re confident that we can work with you to demonstrate massive reductions in the volume of work necessary to achieve your information management objectives. DocAuthority isn’t a substitute for business strategy and ownership but it provides the tools necessary to deliver strategies and objectives which would otherwise be prohibitive in terms of resourcing and cost. DocAuthority would welcome the opportunity to work with your team to understand your strategy and objectives and demonstrate the role we can play in accelerating the achievement of your strategic objectives.

Enterprise search – retrieve keywords, case numbers, names, addresses in all* documents quickly and easily via a web browser interface.

Easily use multiple search criteria and date range

Reduce the overheads to identify and protect sensitive data

Correctly set insurance levels on datasets

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We’re confident that changing attitudes to the value of an organisation's information as well as increased challenges around safeguarding personal data make DocAuthority a compelling proposition for a range of scenarios.

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