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Information Security

Confidentiality, integrity & availability - we get it. But how do you ensure appropriate safeguards to the business's sensitive data? You have done everything right but sensitive business data has been accessed by a malevolent but duly authorised and authenticated user. This is not so much a failure of security as a shortcoming in the overall management and safeguarding of the business's sensitive data. What's the solution to this?

DocAuthority has two approaches to classifying your sensitive data. First, AI will collate all documents which are ‘functionally’ the same into one logical container so that a group of files can be managed based on document type. Don’t know where all your P11Ds are? We’ll index every document on your network and put every P11D into one logical grouping. And, we’ll do that for every document on your network. It’s then a very straight-forward task to ensure retention periods, ACLs and any other safeguards are appropriately managed. We’ll also work with you to design a bespoke collection of regular expressions to automatically identify and tag documents which contain information which is sensitive based on your business and location. We’ll also enable business stakeholders to shoulder the bulk of the decision making because it’s their data and only they really know what is important.

“Whoever has information fastest and uses it, wins”

Don Keough, the former president of Coca-Cola

A unique capability to categorise files based on type.

Do you have a standard claim form? A standard letter of engagement for new clients? DocAuthority will find these documents wherever they are on your network and collate them into one logical grouping.

Grouping allows data to be managed and exploited far more effectively. This capability is unique to DocAuthority, there is no practical approach to performing this task manually.

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We’re confident that changing attitudes to the value of an organisation's information as well as increased challenges around safeguarding personal data make DocAuthority a compelling proposition for a range of scenarios.

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