Effective and efficient information management for Healthcare services


When patient safety comes first you need an effective and efficient approach to information management. DocAuthority work with health practitioners and providers to understand your requirements. Through modelling we can demonstrate substantial savings of both time and money . By running an evaluation, we can build confidence in that modelling ahead of any procurement of our technology.

We know that health providers have sensitive data and special category data which may need to be treated differently. Subject access requests (as well as patients and colleagues invoking the full range of individual rights under the Data Protection Act 2018) can create a lot of work. Equally, the regulator has demonstrated clearly how seriously they take information management in the healthcare sector. These considerations among others make healthcare a demanding environment in which to achieve good levels of information management. We can help translate requirements from legal and compliance subject matter experts stating what you should do into pragmatic and achievable approaches for how you can actually achieve it in practice.

Enterprise search – retrieve keywords, case numbers, names, addresses in all* documents quickly and easily via a web browser interface.

Easily use multiple search criteria and date range

Support SAR requests with ease

Substantial savings of both time and money using our discovery tool

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We’re confident that changing attitudes to the value of an organisation's information as well as increased challenges around safeguarding personal data make DocAuthority a compelling proposition for a range of scenarios.

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