Mine and manage financial documents stored in your unstructured big data sets


We understand that financial services organisations have solutions in place to manage their structured data sets (core banking and CRM platforms among other popular solutions). But what is the solution for unstructured data? Do you include unstructured data in your retention policies or simply ignore it? How about for subject access requests or other individual rights covered under the Data Protection Act (2018) in Europe, GDPR and other privacy regulations world wide. DocAuthority know that the management and exploitation of unstructured data lags significantly behind relative to data sets stored in Big Data platforms and databases. We can mine and identify the documents in the huge amount of unstructured data financial institutions hold.

DocAuthority’s unique capabilities to categorise data based on business meaning and business context mean that you can expect to realise immediate benefits. When widely dispersed unstructured data is indexed and catalogued meaningfully it means you can do a lot more with a lot less. This is important in highly regulated environments where profit as a percentage of costs is a key competitive differentiator. DocAuthority customers are making a significant step forward in their information management capability which is an increasingly important component of the trust and reputation upon which financial services organisations rely.

Enterprise search – retrieve keywords, case numbers, names, addresses in all* documents quickly and easily via a web browser interface.

Easily use multiple search criteria and date range

Mine and manage financial documents stored in your unstructured big data sets

Private data an issue? Support SAR requests with ease

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We’re confident that changing attitudes to the value of an organisation's information as well as increased challenges around safeguarding personal data make DocAuthority a compelling proposition for a range of scenarios.

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