Sensitive data assets have become the main target as large scale data breaches continue to make headlines including Sony, J.P. Morgan, and the OPM to name a few. Insiders and hackers are an ever growing threat to the survival of businesses. As resources are limited, companies are putting more and more efforts into identifying their key data assets and focusing the security work mainly on them.


Nevertheless, finding the key data assets is quite a challenge. Doing this manually is a Herculean task that may take months or even years. Furthermore, inaccuracies tend to have a dire effect on business, when business users are prevented from performing daily choirs that are the lifeline of the organization. When this happens the project is greatly narrowed, or even cancelled altogether.


This is where we can dramatically save time and improve quality. Using our unique BusinessID™ technology we will find and identify all of your regulated data and other sensitive documents, separate them from regular data and help you apply the best security practices only on the sensitive documents. This way, regular documents are not affected and business is not disrupted.

Watch our CTO & Co-founder Ariel Peled explain how AI solves Data Retention issues here

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No staff overhead. From beginning to end, we do everything. It’s easy; our processes are fully automated.


Our reports are extremely useful, no special security or IT knowledge is needed.


Our reports are fully business user readable, clearly reflecting to peers and management both the problem and the solution.


Only several days are needed for deployment, issue identification and complete remediation.


We will improve both security and productivity, get buy-in from business


Our product is not in the critical path and will never degrade business productivity

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