50% of Your Sensitive Data is not Protected!

A recent study by IDC discovered that on average, 50% of sensitive corporate data is not protected. This
inconceivable discovery shines new light on the reasons for some of the major breaches in the last few
It seems that even though companies invest heavily in security solutions, the reason for many breaches
and specifically their magnitude lies in their actual coverage of the sensitive data, rather than in the
specifics of the security tools in use.
However, understanding how much of your sensitive data isn’t protected is a challenging endeavor. Files
are changed and exchanged on a daily basis, and their sensitivity and ownership is not always clear.

This is where we can help:

A Quick Gap Analysis to Understand the Risk

We will find your sensitive data, its type and locations, and visualize the actual, dollar value of the risk of
the data. We will help you design an effective and low-on-resource mitigation plan to quickly and
dramatically improve the security coverage of your sensitive data.



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