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Article 30 data inventory

DocAuthority can simplify the creation of an GDPR Article 30 compliant data inventory for your unstructured data.

Thousands of documents will be categorized by their function. In practice this means that DocAuthority will find and categorize all your invoices, purchase orders, performance reviews, status reports or in fact, typically any document that is the output of a process.

Discovering the business process owner and establishing the purpose and legal basis of any processing is then straight-forward.

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Classifying business data is a foundation element of information risk management and information security as well as also contributing significantly to regulatory compliance.

DocAuthority can reduce the costs of classifying business data while at the same time addressing several shortcomings of traditional document classification solutions.

To find out more about how DocAuthority can help with Classification, get in touch with a member of the team.

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Data Loss Reduction

Ensuring that groups and individuals do not have data to which they have no requirement is a major step in ensuring that data loss risks are minimised. However, DocAuthority will also assist in identifying accounts with excessive privileges and sensitive data that is not adequately safeguarded.

If you want to take that a step further and use DocAuthority to bolster your existing DLP solution, that’s possible too.

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Cloud Migration

Migrating to Office365 or AWS? Do you want to ensure you don’t transfer redundant data or personal data you no longer have a lawful basis to store?

Use DocAuthority to automatically index and catalogue your data before you migrate. You can almost certainly delete at least 30% of your data and this might be decisive in assuring your investment case.

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DocAuthority can significantly reduce these challenges by automatically: identifying folders which have high volumes of sensitive data (and their owners), identifying business processes which are publishing sensitive information as well as identifying the outputs from those business processes wherever it is and identifying accounts which appear to have excessive privileges.

To find out more about how DocAuthority can help with information access governance and confidentiality, get in touch with a member of the team.

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Data Minimisation

DocAuthority can find concentrations of regulated data and PII by department, business process or territory. It can make it easier for your business to dispose of data which it does not have a lawful basis to process.

The DocAuthority platform is highly effective in identifying redundant data which has no business value.

To find out more about DocAuthority’s features that support the identification of redundant data, get in touch with a member of the team.

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Document retention

DocAuthority offers dramatic benefits for businesses wishing to carry out document retention and the management of their overall data retention activities.

First, DocAuthority automatically finds and collates records-type documents. It does the hard work so you don’t have to.

Secondly, using DocAuthority, it is easy to find the business processes and their owners who are responsible for generating and publishing the data. This means it’s a straight-forward activity to engage the right business stakeholders so that they can take the required action.

To find out more about how DocAuthority can help your business with retention management, get in touch with a member of the team.

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DocAuthority enables the management of very large volumes of historical data allowing it to be managed in line with the requirements set out by GDPR for less cost and less overhead than has previously been possible.

No software solution can make any business GDPR compliant but we’ve worked hard to make sure that DocAuthority can enable your business to align with the principles of GDPR.

DocAuthority is closely aligned to the GDPR principles and if you want to see first hand how DocAuthority can help with your regulatory requirements, get in touch with the team.

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Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)

If you need to undertake a DPIA for a new process or for existing business data flows, DocAuthority can help.

The automatic creation of an information catalogue gives you immediate visibility in to which personal data is being processed, published and stored as well as the department(s) responsible.

If you’re concerned about the management of sensitive personal information in existing business processes, why not create a data inventory for your unstructured data and engage stakeholders to conduct DPIAs for their existing workflows which process personal data?

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Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR)

If you’re concerned about the costs and overhead of DSARS (or processing any of the individual rights requests, DocAuthority pre-indexing and pre-discovery of all unstructured data will ensure that finding the information you are looking for is quick and easy.

If you need to find any documents or emails which contain the name of a customer, a colleague or a supplier then that’s just a few seconds work. Report effortlessly and copy data to those responsible for handling subject access requests in minutes.

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Improve business insight / agility

With DocAuthority you’ll improve traceability and have the opportunity to track data of all types back to the departments and business units that created them.

See who is generating what and identify opportunities to streamline and remove overlapping business processes.

If you’re interested in using Computer Aided Audit Tools or looking at seasonal or regional trends then DocAuthority can give you great insights.

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Improve customer confidence

Businesses that can demonstrate to their customer that’s they take privacy seriously do better.

DocAuthority can form the core of your organisation’s commitment to safeguarding your customer’s data.

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Provide unrivalled insights into people and processes which comprise your overall Information Security Management System (ISMS). Produce detailed line of sight to the most serious information risks in your business.

Support business engagement by ensuring information risks are tied to the departments and business processes that produce them.

You’ll have complete visibility of the data you’re trying to protect and the people who have access to it as well as where it’s being sent. This will also greatly assist in your assessment of control effectiveness.

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M&A, divestments and post merger integration

Are you soon to merge with another business entity? Have you recently completed a merger but have yet to embark upon post merger integration of business processes?

DocAuthority will automatically catalogue data aligning it closely with business processes and the business units that create it. Quickly identify where information needs to go and who needs access to it.

After any merger has completed, DocAuthority can help find overlapping business processes and synergies between business units.

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Matter management

Do you have thousands of clients and tens of thousands of matters? Have you got matter related files and documents spread throughout your business? DocAuthority can help make sense of it all.

Providing tools which will allow legal support staff to associate clients and matters with folders and files, this prepares the way for a migration to a structured legal document management system such as iManage.

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Reduce cost

DocAuthority can contribute decisively to your overall reduction in cost.

We’ll work with you to provide insights into which data you can safely delete making potentially huge savings both now and in the future. We’ll allow you to do more with same resources or the same with less ensuring your human capital costs are reduced or optimised.

You’ll tangibly and measurably reduce the risks to which your business is exposed both in terms of insider threats and regulatory enforcement. If you’re facing mounting audit or eDiscovery costs, we can help there too. Worried about the cost of not finding information and the overhead of re-work?

Our enterprise search capability can contribute decisively.

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Reduce resource overheads

Whichever workload you face (records retention, DSARs, finding regulated data, migrating to or from a data storage platform), you will significantly reduce the resource costs involved.

The most obvious reason for this is that DocAuthority sifts your data at lightning speed and groups it efficiently. This means you can achieve the same outcome for thousands of documents simultaneously as you can for one document.

Tasks which are complex and incredibly resource intensive are easy with DocAuthority.

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Reduce Risk

You’ll have less data. You’ll know where your sensitive data is and who has access to it. You’ll be able to see who has access to that data with unparalleled accuracy. And, if the information isn’t adequately safeguarded, the necessary corrective action is quick and simple to take.

Do you want to see what sensitive information in your organisation is being shared with who? Do you want to review user accounts which might have excessive privileges? Are you concerned that you don’t have a clear line of sight to all the personal data your process?

To find out how DocAuthority can address all of these risks, get in touch with a member of the team.

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Regulated data discovery

While DocAuthority supports regular expressions and rich search strings, we believe there’s a more accurate and effective way to discover regulated data in your business. One that is highly accurate and completely language agnostic.

We don’t believe that you should only discover some of your data or just the data which may present a risk. We don’t believe in an approach that relies on discovering thousands of exceptions and violations and challenging business stakeholders to take the costly and labor intensive corrective action.

We believe in tying regulated data to the processes, owners and business units that create and publish it. We do all of this and more and if you want to see how, get in touch with the team.

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