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CDO Manifesto

A Manifesto for CDOs in 2019

Doc Authority

Guide to Intelligent GDPR Compliance

Comply with the demands of GDPR with minimal fuss

Doc Authority

How to succeed in data loss prevention

Protect your sensitive data with the power of focussed AI

Doc Authority

Data retention in the era of privacy regulations

Privacy regulations demand data retention best practices

Data Sheets & Reports

Doc Authority

Example Customer Findings Report

7 findings reports including: PCI-DSS, Data Retention, Data Obsolescence, ACL, PII & Enterprise Search

Doc Authority

Data discovery and classification

Discover, classify and control access to sensitive documentation and data with a single high-value solution

Success Stories

How WHSmith is using DocAuthority to control its unstructured data Success Story

How WHSmith is using DocAuthority to control its unstructured data


How Saga is using DocAuthority tools to protect sensitive data

DocAuthority enables us to identify and report in a very visual way so we can work with the business, focus on critical assets and ensure we have policy.


The Information Challenge for El Centro

Scan and stored data as a way to identify and classify any potentially sensitive data in a thorough and cost effective manner.


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Why DocAuthority

Some of our use cases



DocAuthority provides unmatched levels of insight into your data, where it is and who has access to it. Quickly identify user accounts with excessive privileges or categories of data which have insufficient safeguards.

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Data Obsolescence

DocAuthority ensure data you no longer need or no longer have a lawful basis to process is identified and easily purged from your estate.

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Data Retention

DocAuthority segregate all documents of a given type into a category where that data can be treated as a single entity meaning labor intensive often impossible retention activities are now very straight-forward and easy.

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DocAuthority can make sense of unstructured data reducing unmanageable volumes of work to something which is achievable.

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