Organizations protect the sensitive documents they are aware of, but out-of-sight documents are left unprotected and may fall into the hands of insiders and hackers. DocAuthority solves this by automatically discovering and accurately identifying unprotected sensitive documents, thus enabling a broad yet business-friendly security policy.

The Challenge

The basic questions every organization needs to ask are:
  • What is our sensitive data?
  • Where is it?
  • Who can access it?
  • How much of it is protected?

Current Solutions Fail on Accuracy

Existing technologies aren’t working. Apart from PII, current classification and DLP technologies cannot differentiate between sensitive and non-sensitive documents, or even identify sensitive documents at all. Inaccurate solutions alienate business users and may cause security projects to narrow down or even fail completely.


Using its unique BusinessID™ technology, DocAuthority identifies sensitive documents automatically and accurately, enabling companies to have:
  • A prioritized list of the documents to protect.
  • Focus only on high risk documents and eliminate all unnecessary work on other docs.
  • Granular and business aligned data security policies (access, encryption, DLP, audit, retention and DRP). DocAuthority can integrate with your existing security tools and make them much more effective and accurate.
  • Understand business context of SIEM events.
  • Business execs participation and buy-in.
  • Clear and management-readable risk criteria.

To find out more, download our Data Discovery & Classification Datasheet here if you want.