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DocAuthority offers the next evolutionary step in data-centric security. By partnering with us, you’ll be providing your customers with the latest technology and best practices. Our solutions enable you to have a closer relationship and a more in-depth view of into your customers’ business and needs, and provide them with a greater value.

Quick Time to Value

Showing value quickly is key to success. DocAuthority can visualize major risks very quickly and demonstrate the project’s value even in its early days.

Win the Opportunity

Business leaders and management struggle with prioritizing security projects because of insufficient knowledge and experience in the security domain. DocAuthority enables you to present your value in business terminology and measurements, thus helping you win opportunities by getting management and business buy-in and showing your advantage over the competition.

Technology Partners

Whether an encryption project, DLP, or access rights management, classification is a mandatory step that substantially influences the success of the project. In many cases, classification requires both manual work and the committed participation of business personnel from all departments. Such a complication tends to require more resources than planned, lengthen the timeline significantly, and raise the likelihood of failure.

Adding DocAuthority to the project automates, shortens, and greatly simplifies the classification prerequisite, speeding up your product’s deployment and drastically improving customer satisfaction and acceptance.

Consulting Partners

Showing clear value and proving an edge over the competition are hard goals to achieve but crucial to winning customers. With DocAuthority you can quickly show risks that are both clear to management and simple to mitigate. There is no other product or service that can provide similar results.
Create an additional revenue stream
Offer a service with an indisputable edge over the competition
Quick, visual and impressive results for management