DocAuthority delivers all encompassing approach to data governance, powered by Microsoft Azure

Integration will help businesses vastly reduce effort required to manage high volumes of business files and ensure regulatory compliance

Atlanta, 04:00am EST, 12 December 2018:

DocAuthority, a leader in data management and protection, today announces it will integrate its revolutionary Business IDTM platform with Microsoft Azure Information Protection labeling of classification. This combination will provide a faster, more consistent approach to data governance, helping businesses to comply with multiple industry and regional regulations.

Data is the lifeblood of businesses and its usability has a significant impact on the bottom line. Due to new regulations, data usage is becoming far more restricted and corporate productivity is suffering. To minimize regulatory impact on productivity, data protection controls must be aligned with authorized business usage; but this requires an understanding of the business importance of the data.

The combination of DocAuthority’s Business ID TM and Azure Information Protection automatically identifies and categorizes the business functionality of data. Organizations can then apply relevant labels for Azure Information Protection to correctly control, yet leverage, business data. This approach greatly relieves business users of the responsibility and time constraints associated with continual data classification; and enforces relevant governance actions consistently.

DocAuthority’s transformative Business IDTM platform provides a complete inventory list of the customers’ data in clear business categories, such as Offer Letters, Quotes and P&L, among others. The platform’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine pinpoints the business functionality of data with an unrivalled accuracy rate of 99.99%. This enables organizations to effectively align data access controls to business usage, dramatically reducing the impact of data protection on business productivity. Accurate data labelling significantly simplifies data discovery, accessibility, quality, GDPR subject access request handling, cross-border data flows, data risk analysis, data value identification, data retention and data protection.

“New privacy regulations are definitely going to impact corporate productivity,” commented Ariel Peled, co-founder and CTO of DocAuthority. “DocAuthority’s Integration with Microsoft Azure Information Protection data labeling enables organizations to protect data with the minimal productivity degradation possible. Organizations are now able to rapidly remediate findings and effectively and visually communicate business success to management, auditors and business stakeholders.”

“Data sovereignty and privacy have been raised in importance by a string of new legislation,” commented Gagan Gulati, Head of Product for Azure Information Protection, Microsoft Corp. “Understanding the business context of data is crucial to be operationally effective – rather than individual files being managed independently – using AI driven categorization – now customers can apply one set of rules for many files per category to be governed consistently.”

The integration of the DocAuthority platform and Azure Information Protection provides several key benefits to orgaizations in addressing GDPR requirements, including:

  • Consistent, accurate and automated data identification and classification
  • Improved data accessibility and quality
  • Data retention and defensible deletion
  • Business friendly data protection
  • Accurate and effective DLP
  • Accelerated data breach response, knowing immediately and accurately what data was lost
  • Expedited GDPR requests handling via clear business meaning of data to be handled
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