DocAuthority is a leading document control solutions company.

Discovers and accurately identifies unstructured and often unprotected sensitive documents using a business friendly user interface.

About us

The explosion of data is a huge problem for organizations. Now with GDPR-like regulations coming into place, company data is now also a massive compliance risk.

DocAuthority enables you to turn these compliance requirements into business opportunities and use them to dramatically improve all aspects of unstructured data usage, management and governance.

DocAuthority’s revolutionary and patented AI engine quickly and efficiently identifies and creates an inventory of all of your business data with the precision of 99.99%. With ease, you can now accurately identify both data’s risk and its value and automate its ongoing classification, protection and retention while improving accessibility and quality.

The Team

Steve Abbott CEO
Ariel Peled CTO, co-founder
Itay Reved VP R&D, co-founder
Colin Woodland Head of Europe
Neta Kamin VP Human Resources

The Board

Arale Cohen BOD Member
Alex Katz BOD Member


Doc Authority

DocAuthority partners with C-STEM to harness data management market

24 April 2019

Doc Authority

DocAuthority delivers all encompassing approach to data governance, powered by Microsoft Azure

Atlanta, 04:00am EST, 12 December 2018

Doc Authority

Data inventorying increases the value of information assets by 15%, according to Ponemon

Atlanta, 6:00am EST, 05 December 2018

Doc Authority

Data assets at risk from IT Security mis-valuation

Atlanta, 6:00am EST, 28 November 2018

Doc Authority

DocAuthority selects One Distribution as sole UK distribution partner

October 3rd, 2018

Doc Authority

DocAuthority supports Saga with data protection and document management

September 20 2018



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