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Data continues to grow

Data continues to grow relentlessly. Many more breaches are inevitable. There has never been a better time for a software platform that is data-centric: protecting, governing and managing data first, not last.

The Team

The DocAuthority team came together with the mission to create a disruptive platform to help organisations understand where their sensitive data is, who has access to this data and exactly what it contains.

The Board

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Arale Cohen
BOD Member
DocAuthority Team Member
Alex Katz
BOD Member


DocAuthority Team Member
Steve Abbott
DocAuthority Team Member
Ariel Peled
CTO, Co Founder
DocAuthority Team Member
Itay Reved
VP R&D, co-founder
DocAuthority Team Member
Colin Woodland
Chief Revenue Officer
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Our mission is to take unstructured data from the chaos of today to the compliance of tomorrow.

As the only solution that groups data into well-defined categories DocAuthority is entrusted with safeguarding the data of many leading enterprises.

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