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A helping hand with data governance

Published on 6 November 2020

I like to think of data governance as the organizational controls that determine what is done with data in an organization. I also include any decisions about those controls. Who makes the decisions? In what forum? When? And finally, to what criteria?

Over the coming months I’ll be endeavoring to do two things via this blog.

First, I’ll be feeding in some of the best articles, papers and blogs I’ve come across in the last year or two on the topics of data governance, compliance, and best practices

I’ll also be reflecting on the last two years I’ve spent with DocAuthority. I’ve been working with customers all over the world in media, law, banking, logistics and many other sectors. I’ve been supporting them as they work to achieve their compliance objectives (GDPR, CCPA, POPIA among others) as well as helping them with information security, insider threats and simply trying to stay on top of their data.

I consistently hear the needs and wants of customers firsthand. In DocAuthority we supply the tools and best practice to address both. 

Aligning data governance with the value of data

For now, let me share this to whet your appetite. Well worth a read. And, if your objective really is to attribute value to your data, why not review the report here too. DocAuthority teamed up with the Ponemon Institute to produce some genuinely useful insights into the value of data. You’ll get a host of useful information like the excerpt below.

Different data has different value

Valuing data is a tricky topic but I can tell you this. Data certainly has a value and some of it is worth more than others. In order to make the case for any investment in data governance, you are going to need to know something about the value of what you’re protecting and the risk it presents should you fail to adequately safeguard it. We’ll be revisiting the topic of justifying an investment in data governance at least a couple of times.

I’d prefer any communication to be two-way. What I will be most interested in are your experiences and what you are reading. What has been a problem for you and what have you done that has worked well? I confess that this is often our best source of new features here at DocAuthority so thanks in advance.


I’m responsible for customer success at DocAuthority. We tackle the challenges associated with unstructured data – files, documents and emails which, over decades, may have become a substantial business challenge. We run demos and insight sessions for anyone who’s interested in knowing more. For those who are considering a technology investment, we’ll run an end-to-end ‘try before you buy’ implementation in your business on your hardware with your data delivering your stated objectives. We do all this for free!


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