Quick Discovery Execution

Quick, end-to-end, all-inclusive discovery

Accurate Classification

Precise identification of sensitive documents

Simple Remediation

Easy wrong permissions rectification, sensitive file transfer and encryption, accurate DLP policy definition

Huge Risk Reduction

Effective network cleanup leaves insiders and hackers with very little to gain

A New Approach to Document Security

What is DocAuthority?

Organizations protect the sensitive documents they are aware of, but out-of-sight documents are left unprotected and may fall into the hands of insiders and hackers. DocAuthority solves this by automatically discovering and accurately identifying unprotected sensitive documents, thus enabling a broad yet business-friendly security policy.

Why We Can Help

We have over 15 years of experience in document risk analysis with our leadership comprised of the people who brought the first DLP solution to the market. Our unique technology identifies sensitive documents automatically and precisely. Thus, it allows organizations to fully protect all of their high risk documents without obstructing business processes.


Success Stories

Successful Projects - Happy Customers

Hidden Value of Data Webinar

28th November - 11h00 Eastern - 16h00 British

Happy Clients

What People Say About Us

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Core Features


No staff overhead. From beginning to end, we do everything. It’s easy; our processes are fully automated.


Our reports are extremely useful, no special security or IT knowledge is needed.


Our reports are fully business user readable, clearly reflecting to peers and management both the problem and the solution.


Only several days are needed for deployment, issue identification and complete remediation.


We will improve both security and productivity, get buy-in from business


Our product is not in the critical path and will never degrade business productivity