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The Data Governance Platform built for both technical teams and business users alike.

Automatically catalogue unstructured files and documents to define the data you have, what it contains, where it resides and who has access to it, allowing you to concentrate on your day job.

Make DocAuthority central to your Data Governance Program.

DocAuthority is simple and straightforward to use, allowing business users clear line of sight to any regulated or commercially sensitive data.

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Reduce Risk

Data governance helps the enterprise understand how data is linked to business processes and outcomes, enabling a data strategy and prioritising data management activities based on business goals such as increasing revenue, decreasing cost, and minimizing risk.

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Increase Security

Data governance is essential to cyber security. In order to protect against threats, the enterprise needs to know what data to protect and how best to protect it. Data governance allows an enterprise to identify its high value, high-risk datasets and allocate relevant resources to protect the data.

Take a data-centric approach to Governance Risk and Compliance

DocAuthority helps organisations to create a consistent and rigorous approach to managing unstructured data across the business enterprise. It provides strategy and structure, ensuring that data is managed as an asset and transformed into meaningful information.

The DocAuthority Difference
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What we do

As a proven operator in the management of enterprise unstructured data, we supply robust and flexible client-focused services.

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Data Governance Use Cases

  • Obsolescence
  • Information Access Governance
  • Retention Management
  • Privacy
  • Document Classification
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Other Use Cases

  • Cloud Migration
  • Matter Management
  • M&A / Divestment
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Success Stories

From established corporates and retail giants through to innovative start-ups, we solve data issues for all our clients.

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What our customers say

The DocAuthority Interface is simple to use, powerful and the way that the Solution categorises data into logical groups makes reporting on our unstructured data an easy process.

Project Manager | Retail

DocAuthority enables us to identify and report in a very visual way so we can work with the business, focus on critical assets and ensure we have policy’s in place.

CISO | Insurance & Travel

DocAuthority have a versatile & proven solution which has shown to address most data governance and compliance workloads.

CISO | Healthcare

Find the solution to your problem

Make financial savings, ensure regulatory compliance, optimise your operations. We have the solution to any unstructured data requirement.

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